2011? Really?

It’s January. 2011. How did that happen? 2010 was not a pleasant year for me. Too many problems with my neck, spending a fortune having MRI and CT scans done. Only to find out that two more discs are herniated. I am not a candidate for surgery yet. But that is good. Been there, done that. Jim having a heart attack and then quad bypass surgery was also not my idea of a good time. Yet here we are. So let’s be thankful, which I truly am, and get this year going!

I wish I had roses blooming. Right now there would be nothing better. But since I don’t have a greenhouse yet all I have are naked sticks in the ground. A lot of them. My garden has close to 300 plants in the ground and about 50 more needing to go in this coming spring. I was going to plant this past fall but our weather was so strange. We were so warm for so long. Then *boom* the cold hit. While that won’t kill a young plant it can damage it. They are much safer in their sheltered location for now.

Since I have no rose news I am going to bore you with some stitching things! I read a cross stitch forum as well as rose forums. Well, a fellow blogger issued a Crazy Challenge for us stitchers this January. We are to start a new project every day for the first 15 days of the month. Then the goal will be to work on each project and finish them before the year ends. Here is my list of 15.

M Designs – Joy Tree Ornament
La D Da – Lauren’s Voice
Claire Jones – Solo (This is being done in memory of Mike Lowe)
Annalee Waite – Cowboy Boots
My Big Toe – Cheaper Than Therapy
Prairie Grove Peddler – Colorful Cats Candle Mat
Sue Hillis – I Love You
Designs By Lisa – Moments That Take Your Breath Away
A Stitch & A Prayer – American By Birth
Designs by Lisa – Peace
Prairie Moon – Three Amigas
Designs By Lisa – Love, Support & Defend
Erica Michaels – Olde Irish Blessing
The Sunflower Seed – Needles & Pins
Janlynn – Summer Sampler

My tastes are all over the map. Kind of like my garden. A couple of these are being done for friends and family. I rarely keep what I stitch. There are a couple on that list just for me though.

I am also trying my hand at designing. I feel the need to create some Christmas ornaments with rose and garden themes.

So there you go…. my start of the year. I am looking forward to spring and seeing what the garden will hold for us this year.