Trish Walsh

I  was born & raised in California.  I got my love of roses from my Grandma and my Dad, who both exhibited roses. My late Mother in Law gave me my love of all kinds of flowers and being green. She was Queen of The Earthworms.

I’ve spent the last 15 years working in the rose industry itself. Began with Arena Roses and then was blessed to move to my own little slice of heaven here in the Carolina’s. While I am mostly an office person I love being able to get out with customers and plants themselves. I adore cats and anything Pooh. I spend my time playing around in the roses and cross stitching. My kids are often drafted for the heavy garden work and are very easily bribed. I think they secretly enjoy it.

I have been working for and with Paul for over 8 years now. We both refuse to let our dreams die. We just find new ways to keep them alive. Never say never.

Trish has her own blog on our website called Needles & Thorns.  Check it out!