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Stephen Hoy’s Single Petaled Roses Newsletter

A Publication Dedicated to Single,
Nearly Single, and Semi-Double Flowered Roses.

Stephen has been a lover of single roses for a lot of years and he’s now started a newsletter about them.  This is his first issue and it’s a great one!  As he released more in the future we’ll feature them here!  Sign up for our mailing list on the home page to be notified when they come out.

Simply click on the name of each issue to open the PDF file.

Volume 1 in PDF format

Volume 2 in PDF format

Volume 3 in PDF Format

Volume 4 in PDF Format

Volume 6 in PDF Format

  1. Volume 6 supplement In PDF

Volume 7 In PDF Format

Volume 8 In PDF Format

Winter 2013

Volume 10 in PDF Fromat

Fall 2015

Spring 2016

Winter 2016

Summer 2017

Winter 2018

Spring 2018

Fall 2018

Spring 2019

Summer 2019

Fall/Winter 2019-2020

Spring 2020