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Plants ready for staging.

I used to do a lot of garden designing in Los Angeles but not so much after we moved to South Carolina and I started my nursery. It seems to be starting up again and I love that because I enjoy designing what I call “gardens grown around roses’. I recently picked up a new client and I’m having a blast. You can read more about what we’re doing on my Fine Gardening Blog.

We recently did our first round of planting.  I like the way it looks and more importantly my client’s do as well. I believe in letting client’s guide the aesthetic. After all, it’s their garden!

We used mostly blues and purples and went for silvery foliage. They like those colors and they go well with roses. The bed in the photo is all David Austin Roses in pastel pinks with just a few soft

I like to layout the garden before planting to make sure it works the way I thought it would.

yellow. The perennials are plants like Russian Sage, Nepeta ‘Walker’s Low’, Salvia ‘May Night’, Agastache ;Blue Fortune’ with some soft yellow Achilleia “Moonshine’ to pick up on the yellow roses. The centers of the Shasta Daisys are also yellow and will continue that color throughout the garden.

In our climate the roses and some of the perennials will bloom first in spring. Then the rest of the perennials will come on as the season progresses. Roses shut down in the heat of July and early August but there will be color from the perennials. Then everything will come on again for the big fall show.

I like simple planting in groups as to my eye that avoids that real busy look. It’s also much easier  to maintain. I’ll post more about this garden as it develops but we are off to a rosy start!