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Gaga’s Garden

Susan Fox

Susan Fox of Gaga’s Garden

I’ve gotten to know Susan Fox of Gaga’s Garden over the last several years or so. She is involved in all kinds of great gardening things and her website contains great information and links to many aspects of gardening including roses.

Here website address is Pop over and take some time to explore it.

Susan has also contributed an article to our website. It’s called Rose Pruning Primer.

In order to better introduce you to Susan I asked her to tell us a little about herself. In her own words!

As an avid horticulturist holding national awards for growing prize-winning roses and award winning gardens, Susan will share her knowledge with you. A master in the art of rose growing and garden design her expertise includes speaking on growing and the care of roses to the Plano and Dallas Master Gardeners Groups. During her tenure as treasurer of the Northeastern Illinois Rose Society, her society was instrumental in having the rose named as the national flower by the President of the United States. As an avid gardener, speaker and consulting rosarian, Susan is dedicated to perpetuating knowledge growing things the organic way in our gardens and particularly the planting and care of rose gardens. She is a past member of the board of the Dallas Rose Society and the Northeastern Illinois Rose Society and current secretary for the Ann Crooker St. Clair Chapter of the Daughters of The American Revolution in Effingham, Illinois.”