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Winter & Roses

Winter is always nervous time for gardeners.  We never know what the Old Man is going to bring.

While we can’t control everything we can take a few steps to help get our roses through it.

Here are a few blog posts I’ve written over the years regarding getting your roses ready for the cold.

For further information:

  1. Winter Rose Protection Tips From The Minnesota Rose Gardener
  2. What To Do When Winter Delays Bareroot Rose Planting
  3. Getting Your Roses Ready For Winter
  4. Polar Vortex Means A Hard Prune is in Order For Some Roses
  5. Wait Before Assuming the Cold Killed Your Rose
  6. Update on Roses Frozen to the Ground
  7. Snow is Great For Roses
  8. During Your First Freezes Be Concerned About The Wind
  9. Stop Deadheading. And We Don’t Mean Put Away The Tye Dye Shirt
  10. When Jack Frost Comes Blowing Through Your Garden
  11. Over-Wintering Roses In Containers
  12. Step One In Preventing Winter Damage To Your Roses
  13. Step Two In Preventing Winter Damage To Your Roses
  14. Tips For Stripping Winter Leaves Off Large Roses
  15. When Are My Roses Dormant Enough For Some Light Trimming?

I would also recommend a great rose blog by my friend Jack Falker aka The Minnesota Rose Gardener.  Jack has gardens in Minnesota and always has great advice on winter and roses!