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Garden Roses 101

I’ll be hosting a live 3 part virtual class on Bright this September to teach and answer your questions about all things Garden Roses. This will be a unique, live event where you can ask questions and I can bring you on stage so we can have a conversation face-to-face.
I really want this to be an intimate experience, so seats are limited. 
Make sure you get your tickets via the links below. You can sign up for individual sessions or better yet, all three for a bundled price so you don’t miss a thing. Because it’s virtual you can join from anywhere in the world.

Bundle Package For All 3 Sessions. $95 Total

Click Here to purchase and enroll for the bundle package at a reduced cost per session.

Part 1: Introduction To Roses. $40

Click Here to purchase and enroll to learn the basics of choosing and buying garden roses

Part 2: ABCs Of Rose Care. $40

Click Here to join me as I cover the basics from bud eyes, feeding, planting and more.

Part 3: Designing The Garden. $40

Click Here for the final session where I’ll teach you the basics of laying out a garden from style to axis and more.

Roses Are Nothing More Than Flowering Shrubs

Roses are the most popular garden plant there is, yet for many they can be intimidating and seen as fussy and difficult to grow. With garden roses that is totally not true. I know because I grow hundreds of roses on my upstate South Carolina farm without chemicals of any kind. I’ve consulted on and designed gardens all over and it is this hands on, practical experience I’ll be sharing with you during these 3 classes. Come join me and you will also end up understanding that Roses Are Plants, Too!

If you are intimidated by roses this class is for you!

What is a basal break, bud eye and are they important?

Bring It All Together In Designing Your Garden