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English Manor Garden

From an email in the summer of 2017 came about an offer to design rose and perennial borders in a classic English grand garden style. This would be as part of a team along side a house and building architect and a landscape architect. At the time nothing existed on the grounds except some old buildings that were to be either torn down, moved or repurposed.

The owners of the property had fallen in love with gardens while in England and particularly those that included roses and perennials in a general garden setting. A search on the internet lead them to Paul’s website and that is how the relationship began.

Paul has been friend’s with Richard Beales for a number of years and had been looking for a project they might partner on. This project was it. As a lover of roses, perennials and English gardens Richard was also enthusiastic about the project. Plus, being British himself and spending his life in the horticultural industry meant Richard was very familiar with these kinds of gardens.

The project is still in the concept stage but but by the drawings you see on this page the planning is well underway. Watch this space for updates and news about this exciting garden.