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A Vision From The American Rose Society


“We are happy to tell the story of the tremendous progress we have made in our more than four decades at the American Rose Center in Shreveport. The facilities and garden elements throughout the property are of great value; and fortunately, thanks to the generosity of so many “friends of the gardens,” the American Rose Center is unencumbered. In fact, we have a substantial endowment that is helping to provide perpetual care and maintenance of the gardens and structures.

We have been prudent and responsible caretakers of these gardens through the years. It is with that same sense of responsibility that we embark on this bold new plan to completely restore the gardens and elevate the overall operation to a new level, equal to botanic garden status. We feel the time is right to take this giant step, to reorder, restore and renew every part of the garden, and to ful ll the promise the gardens offered so many years ago.

This five year Master Plan for 2017-2022 calls for redesigning and improving the gardens, making them more interesting, more educational, more beautiful, more “green” and more effiicient. Our leaders are committed, and we are pleased that the American Rose Society board of Directors supports our efforts. The American Rose Center Committee, the Strategic Task Force, the entire ARS and ARC staff, our community and many, many ARS and garden members at home and beyond are joining this major effort. All are committed to the goals of the master Plan and its success – because the vision embodied therein will produce a world-class garden, where roses and complimentary flowers and plants flourish in a woodland garden setting that we believe has the potential to be the most beautiful rose garden of all.”

Our Vision For Design

As Head of Design for the Jackson & Perkins Landscape & Garden Design Team, I brought the idea of our team designing the garden to Jackson & Perkins and they agreed to sponsor our team to do the design.

I brought Richard Beales in to design the gardens with me. But where to start? Where once had been many small gardens was now a blank empty space of +-3 acres. We all wanted a garden that was not only beautiful but also different. A garden befitting The American Rose Center.

Thus was born the idea of displaying and telling The History of The Rose in America. This would be a garden that would engage both the senses and the mind. We have just started this project and stay tuned for updates.

Join The American Rose Society

Please join the American Rose Society and support their efforts to promote The Rose in America. I’ve been a member for 25 years and loved every bit of it. Their outstanding magazine, their conventions, their local societies and more are a wealth of rose knowledge. Just click on the logo to the right to be taken to their website.

Check out our video of the design.