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Paul Zimmerman Roses Consulting & Design

Common Sense Gardening. In-Person or Remotely via the Virtual World

Jackson & Perkins Landscape & Garden Design

Paul’s relationship with Jackson & Perkins began several years ago and continues to evolve. It started with making how to videos and from there it has blossomed (pun intended). Their latest venture together is a completely custom garden design process where the customer and their personal designer work together to create a garden based the customer’s bed size, shape, location and taste. Our design team can do everything from adding a bit of color to a yard to more complete landscapes. Everything is tailored to what the customer would like us to do.  Plus all the plants, shipping and design are included in the price.

The fact all the plants are included make this a very unique service in the landscaping industry. While there are services that offer on-line design the fact we can offer the design plus the plants plus the care products and even help the customer find an installer through Home Advisor makes this revolutionary. Paul is Head of Design and is putting together a world class group of garden designers.

This brand new service is already taking off. Watch this space for more before and after photos!