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Delbard Garden Roses

We are the United States Licensing Agent for the Garden Roses of Pepinires Delbard.  Nestled in Central France, this 75 year old plus nursery breeds some of the finest garden roses I have ever seen.  I first encountered them in Italy and after seeing them all over Europe inquired about bringing them to the United States.

After testing them in my no spray garden for several years, we began to license other nurseries to offer them.  I’ve grown them in my own garden for well over five years now and they are among the most beautiful, easiest and rewarding roses I grow.  All the roses currently released in the United States have been tested and selected because they are great Garden Roses.

The Rose Nurseries listed below the photos have been licensed to offer Delbard Roses.  I encourage you to purchase some of the finest roses you’ll ever grow from them.


Angel Gardens – Located in Florida and offering own-root roses

Long Ago Roses – In North Carolina and offering own-root roses

Roses Unlimited – Located in South Carolina and offering own-root roses

Rogue Valley Roses – Great selection on their own roots.

Wisconsin Roses – located in Wisconsin and offering Red and Pink Intuition on multiflora rootstock