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Orlando Area Historical Rose Society

The Orlando Area Historical Rose Society are a great group of old rose lovers doing great things all over central Florida and beyond. They have a great newsletter and have given us permission to post them on our website for all rose lovers to enjoy. Central Florida is becoming a hot spot for roses with many nurseries and gardens to enjoy.

As a way of introduction the following is from their website.

“February 23rd, 1997 marked the beginning of The Orlando Area Historical Rose Society. Founding members Peggy Coven, Ron and Elaine Ellman, Midge Mycoff, and George Williamson invited the community to become founding members, and enjoy a wonderful journey through the history of the rose.

Our mission is to study the historical perspectives of old roses, and to encourage the growing and the preservation of their heritage in our gardens and landscapes. It is our hope that old roses will once again hold respectful places in our hearts, and be enjoyed today as our forefathers once enjoyed these roses. In the words of an old rose enthusiast, Will Tillotson, “new roses are for admiring … old roses are for loving”.”
Please take a moment to visit their website and learn more about them.  And of course, read their newsletter!

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