Videos With A Punch Line

We are your solution for creating humorous and informative marketing videos and ads for use on websites, You Tube and social media.

Pam Stone and Paul Zimmerman with their combined experience of writing, stand-up comedy, acting, marketing, producing and directing bring unique insight to marketing videos.  We can make your internet based visual content stand out in today’s fast moving market. Humor is the key as generally those are the videos that become “water cooler” moments. Paul Zimmerman’s You Tube channel of original rose care videos (with over 800,000 collective views) are interlaced with humor and that is one the most commented about aspects of them.  Pam Stone’s award winning syndicated newspaper column is beloved for its humor rooted in slices of life.  It’s these unique “punches” and more, Pam and Paul bring to your projects.

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Here is the channel trailer from Paul’s You Tube Channel.  You can view others by going to our You Tube Channel