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Saving A Rose That Has Been Blown Over

A field of roses is a sight to behold. Verschuren Roses in The Netherlands

Winds happen and they sometimes blow plants over; even to the point of tearing them partly out of the ground.  All is not lost when this happens.  With a few tricks you can save the rose.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Dig out the dirt a little bit from underneath where the roots are torn to give you a place to re-bury the roots.
  2. Put a stake in the ground right next to where the base of the rose will be when you straighten it.
  3. Gently straighten out the plant and tie it to the stake for support.
  4. It will take 4-5 months for the rose to re-establish.
  5. Don’t worry about cutting the rose back.  Keep an eye on it and if it seems stressed you can then cut it back.
  6. Water, water, water to get the rose re-established.

Enjoy The Video: