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Designing Gardens Around Roses

To me roses are best used in a garden setting with other perennials, shrubs and annuals. This section contains some tips on doing just that.

Contrast In The Garden

Contrast in the garden is a very important design element. In this episode I use plants in my own garden to show you contrast of shape, foliage and how color can work across plants.

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Perennials Tie The Rose Garden Together.

If you are like me you collect roses without really thinking about how they may fit into a cohesive design. The garden could end up looking a bit busy and disconnected. That is where perennials come in. In this episode I share my tip on using perennials to knit the garden together.

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Meet The Perennial Penstemon ‘Husker’s Red’

From the moment I started adding more perennials to my garden, I loved this one. Great upright growth habit, bronze foliage that is nicely elongated and a long flowering period that will repeat with a simple tip I give in the video.

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