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Paul Zimmerman Roses Consulting & Design

Common Sense Gardening. In-Person or Remotely via the Virtual World

A bed of Pink Champagne roses at Westbroekpark in The Netherlands

Today’s gardeners are no longer interested in reading how difficult roses are to grow.  You know the drill.  Spray with 4 different chemicals alternating weekly, feed smelly concoctions sure to drive your dog way, prune back to a five leaflet leaf set, outward facing bud-eye, while standing on one leg wearing red underwear – and only during a lunar eclipse!


If your publication is looking for an article with a fresh and original take on using roses in the garden look no further.  I can help.  The growing methods I teach and talk about are easy to understand and include a healthy dose of common sense.


Please contact me and we can discuss what you are looking for.


In the meantime you can read samples of my writing in the “Articles” section of this website.

Here are some of the original writings I’ve had published:


  • 2013.  Book Everyday Roses.  How To Grow Knockout And Other Modern Garden Roses.  Published by Taunton Press
  • 2103 –  Organic Gardening Magazine. “Beyond Knockout. The Next Generation of Garden Roses”
  • 2010 – Fine Gardening Magazine.  “Caring For Roses Naturally”
  • 2008 – The Sustainable Rose Garden. – “Just Say No To Chemicals”
  • 2008 – Royal National Rose Society Annual.  “Favourites: The Experts Choose”
  • 2008 – The American Rose.  Official Publication of The American Rose Society.  “A Gentle Plea for Order”.  Rose Classificaiton.
  • 2006 – Rosa Mundi.  Heritage Rose Foundation.  “Activities of the Specialized Conservation Committee”.
  • 2004, Feb – Perennial Magazine.  Roses for the Landscape.
  • 2004, May – Nursery News.  “Changes in The Rose World”.  Current changes and trends in The Wholesale Rose Market.
  • 2003, Nov. – American Nurseryman.  “The Three S’s” Ways for Independent Garden Centers to survive in a box store world.
  • 2003, May – American Nurseryman.  Our nursery was profiled.
  • 2002 – Annual of The American Rose Society “Coming to a Mall Near You”
  • 2000 – Annual of The American Rose Society “Landscaping with Roses”
  • 1998 April – The American Rose.  Official Publication of The American Rose Society. “The Charm of Noisettes”
  • 1997 August – The American Rose.  Official Publication of The American Rose Society. “Rethinking the Hybrid Tea”
  • 1996 Oct. – The American Rose.  Official Publication of The American Rose Society. “Plants, Pipes & Polymers: Water is Vital to a Plant’s Growth”
  • 1992-1994 – Monthly Novice Corner in “The Rose Reporter” The Gold Medal winning publication of The Tinseltown Rose Society.
  • 1992-1998 – “The Rose Reporter” Numerous articles including several Award Of Merit Winners.