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Part 1 – What Are Garden Roses

Everyone loves Garden Roses. Our late Jack Russell Bonnie with the rose “Mme Plantier”

You are here because more than likely you’ve wanted to grow roses (or have given up on trying) and been told how difficult and fussy they are.   To some degree this is true, as many roses offered over the past few decades were not meant for the garden at all.  They were meant for the Florist (cut flower) Industry or Exhibiting and required constant care.

In fact there are many roses quite easy to grow.  They are simply flowering shrubs in your garden and they require little more care than most other plants.

We call these Garden Roses.

The most popular one today is the “Knockout Rose” and it’s just one of many great Garden Roses.

Garden Roses don’t require complicated feeding or spraying programs.  They don’t need to be fussed over every weekend to look their best.

I know how easy they are because I have hundreds here on our farm in the upstate of South Carolina and I don’t spray , irrigate (once they are established) and I rarely feed them.  I give them good soil, common sense care and they reward us all year long with a rainbow of blooms.

The best care guide for Garden Roses is your own gardener’s instincts.  So take a little time to learn some of the tips we’ll give you; watch a few videos and then remember the most important rule.

It’s your garden so just adapt what we say to work for you!

And if you have questions or comments just post them on our Facebook Group and we’ll answer them.

If you are new to roses we suggest you start with the videos below.

Then go on to Part 2 of Roses 101.

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